How much SSD storage do you need?

How much SSD storage do you need?

Buy the right amount of GB for your SSD needs and budget

When buying a solid state drive (SSD), one of the key decisions you’ll make is figuring out how many gigabytes (GB) of storage to get. Just like storing physical items in your house or apartment, you need enough digital space to account for what you currently have, along with room for new data that you’ll naturally (and constantly) accumulate over time.

What’s the approximate total capacity (in GB) of your current hard drive or SSD?

Why this matters:
An SSD needs to be at least as big as your current drive to hold all of its content.

For Windows® users, click Start, then click Computer to find out. For Mac® system users, click the Apple logo on the left side of the menu bar at the top of the screen, then click About this Mac to find out.

How full is your current hard drive or SSD?

Why this matters:
You need enough space to transfer everything over to your new drive without having to decide what you will keep or delete – for many people, that’s at least 240GB to maintain all their old files and accommodate some new ones while not spending too much money.

Follow the same process that you did for question 1, but this time you’re looking to see how much of your drive’s available storage space you’ve actually used. Estimate your percentage by looking at the capacity bar that’s displayed next to your drive or by comparing the amount of GB you’ve used to the drive’s total capacity.

How frequently do you add new media to your computer (i.e. upload photos and videos from your phone, download movies and games, etc.)?

Why this matters:
Media files are inherently large, so the more you’re adding new media to your drive, the more storage you’ll need. An SSD is a long-term investment and the number of photos, songs, videos, games, renderings, and files you’ll add is ever-growing – and so are the sizes of those files. It’s critical to remember that your primary drive holds all of these types of media in addition to the other files, apps, documents, and your operating system that keeps things running.

Here’s what you can fit into 1GB of storage at today’s file sizes.

What’s your budget for a new SSD?

Why this matters:
The largest capacity drive is always preferable, but it’s not always practical for your budget. Why pay for more than you need? Make sure the amount of storage you get matches your budget. Don’t just buy big – buy right.

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