Why PC gaming is better than console gaming

Why PC gaming is better than console gaming

The gaming debate is over – PC wins

Every gamer is faced with a choice: PC, console, or both. To us, there is no debate. PC gaming absolutely crushes console gaming. If you want to have fun from time to time, go with the console – there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking for an extreme gaming experience that can’t be mass-produced, go with the PC. We know we’re naturally a bit biased, but here’s why.

The usual console “advantages” are actually disadvantages

Consoles are simple and designed for recreational gamers. That’s no secret to serious gamers.

Game Console

The perceived console advantage

Why the console advantage is actually a disadvantage

Simple and easy to use

What’s more fun to drive, a commuter car or a sports car? Commuter cars are basic, but sports cars have more power – that’s the difference between consoles and PCs

You don't have to upgrade hardware

The game is restrained by slower console requirements

Brings gaming to the masses

There are many console gamers, but they can’t compete with the diehard PC gaming community

Better multiplayer

You’re constrained to the speed of a console manufacturer’s servers, and, with newer consoles, you typically have to pay additional subscription fees

Console-exclusive titles

Most games are also available on a PC, but some of the best PC games aren’t playable on consoles because they aren’t powerful enough

Costs less than a high-powered PC

You can build a gaming PC that outperforms a console for less than the cost of a new next-gen console

Wireless controllers and playing on your TV make consoles built for your living room

It’s nice to relax, but how intense can your game be if you’re lounging?

The usual PC advantages are actual advantages

PCs are designed for gaming enthusiasts who don’t want to be bound by performance limitations.

You can customize PC hardware – your performance isn’t restricted

You can customize PC hardware
– your performance isn’t restricted

With a console, you’re limited to the specs the manufacturer determines, and don’t have many options for upgrading.* With a PC, you can build your machine to be as powerful as you want, and you control the gaming performance of your motherboard, processor, memory, storage, and graphics card.

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You own the visuals

It’s one thing to dominate the competition, but it’s another to see it happen in the most stunning resolution possible. PC graphics can achieve 4K quality while consoles can only get up to 1080p. On a PC, you can also game on multiple screens – you’re not limited to just one TV like you are on a console.

You own the visuals

Gaming mice are lethally accurate

Gaming mice are lethally accurate

Using a gaming mouse is more user-friendly and precise than the joystick of a console controller, especially when paired with the better graphics offered by a PC. In first-person shooters, would you rather aim at an opponent’s torso with a joystick while playing on a console, or aim for a button on an assailant’s shirt while playing on a PC with the added precision of your mouse?

You can rescript your rig – or your game

Not only can you change the physical appearance of your PC and build artistic and incredible rigs, but in many titles, you can also modify gameplay by modding the game itself. Your options with a console are much more limited.

You can rescript your rig – or your game
The list of reasons to be a PC gamer goes on

The list of reasons to be a PC gamer goes on

Using Steam® and joining a knowledgeable and diehard community are two more reasons to be a PC gamer. While some may say it’s too expensive to be a PC gamer, you’re in control of how much money you spend on it. You’re also building a powerful system that you can use for far more than just gaming.


Our verdict

PC gaming is better than console gaming. Period. As you’re building or upgrading your rig, make the differences between PC and console gaming even more pronounced with an SSD and Ballistix® gaming memory. Boot up and jump into the game instantly with an SSD. And get near-instant responsiveness, better integrated graphics performance, and militaristic aggression with memory that’s engineered for intense performance.

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